As a specialist Antique Book dealer, we are regularly looking to acquire new stock. We are interested in purchasing collections from a single book to large private libraries of the right material for our store.

If you are located in Melbourne and suburbs out to Regional Victoria we may be able to assist you with selling your books. Depending on the collection, we will drive to inspect, pay for and collect the books.

To save us all some time and to get an indication as to the possible price we could pay for your collection, please email us with clear photos of the spines or shelves so we can determine if your books are suitable for us.

We are particularly interested in ANY books pre 1900. We will also consider books from the 20th century depending on the title and condition.

There are many reasons for wanting to sell your books. You may be downsizing and no longer have the room for your books. It may be a deceased estate or you may just want to “cash in” your collection as quickly and easily as possible.

The price we can pay for your books depends on many factors including the price we expect to sell your book for, the condition of the book, desirability, current availability in the market, and the particular needs of our store at the time. Know that we will pay you a fair price and deliver a prompt and reliable service.

Email enquiries can be directed to